Welcome to the LabSI’s first blog post. This blog’s purpose is to present you : our mission, team, achievements and failures (though we hope there will not be as many on the latter).

The LabSI is a team of faculty staff and students that was first created at EPITA in 2021. Its aim is to accompany the CIP (Cellule d’Infrastructure Pédagogique, Pedagogy Infrastructure Unit), the assistants as well as the administrative staff on any technical topics or issues they may encounter. Its scope can be broken down to three main missions:

  • Develop and maintain internal IT tools and systems (intranet, feedback website…)
  • Answer the needs of the CIP, help them realize their ideas and provide them with tools aimed at gathering real-time insights on students’ struggles to address them as quickly as possible.
  • Explore and keep track of thel atest web architectures and technologies to continually improve our services.

The LabSI handles the software side while the CRI (Centre des Ressources Informatiques, IT Resources Center) handles the infrastructure side, but both have been merged into the same entity as explained in a news from Marin Hannache1.

The LabSI’s team is made of two permanent members, Antoine Dumeige and Christian Diaconu who joined us recently, as well as 8 students from 2023’s promotion (Arthur Léchelle, Eliott Bouhana, Lilou Jannot, Matthieu Stombellini, Mexane Delcroix, Pierre-Louis Berthout, Quentin Briolant, Samuel Compagnon) and 8 students from 2024’s promotion (Antoine Bouvet, Nathan Chevalier, Pauline Lubet, Romain Barbier, Safae Dinia, Valentin Chassignol, Zoe Sellos, Zuwei Niu).

The LabSI has an office on the 2nd floor of the Voltaire building, next to the CRI office and the assistants’ laboratory, two teams with whom we always collaborate.

We will soon publish a blog post on our first few months at the LabSI to better explain what we did right and what went wrong with our services.

You will also find a form attached to this post that is aimed at gathering your needs and/or expectations for a potential student portal2. Please feel free to answer this as your feedback is valuable to us.

The LabSI Team.

  1. You can read this news here ↩︎

  2. The form is available here ↩︎